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Localizer / FTS Platforms

Swager Communications, Inc’s Localizer/FTS platform design is available in a variety of heights and platform sizes to accommodate the customer’s unique site requirements and equipment mounting needs. This versatile platform can be used to support localizer equipment for airport runway operations or a variety of other equipment including telemetry equipment, HVAC or any other equipment needing support above ground level. Our flexible design can include fiberglass or steel safety railing around the perimeter dependent on the customer’s needs. Stairway access eliminates the need for specially trained personnel to access the platform level.

LOC with FTS Platform_edited.jpg

14 x 108 x 18'-9" Localizer/FTS Platform Specs

Specification Sheet - PDF

Other platform sizes & heights are available.

Model: FTS Platform – Model # 2410FTS-30

Tower Description: 24 ft. x 10 ft. X 30 ft. high platform – includes stair access. Manufactured per TIA-222-H. Other platform sizes and heights are available. Contact us now for more information.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our localizer platforms installation and servicing by calling us at (260)495-2515 or by using our contact form.

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