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Our Products

Swager Communications, Inc. is a full-service communications systems company providing custom designed steel towers, engineering, maintenance field operations, manufacturing and customer support. For over fifty years, the Swagers have performed turnkey communications construction contracts for government agencies and commercial accounts. These contracts involved work in all corners of the world and all types of climates. From the frigid, wind-blown coast of Northern Scotland; to the jungles of Vietnam and South America; to the deserts of Africa and the American Southwest; mountain-tops to prairies and various Pacific and Caribbean islands, Swager crews have always finished their contracts accurately, completely and timely.


Initially, towers were structural supports for AM radio stations. Subsequent years led to the development of FM radio stations, television stations, microwave links, cable television systems, radar, telemetry, paging and cellular telephone systems. Swagers assisted in the refinement of AM broadcasting in the early 1950's and have always been among the first to venture into new areas as technology progressed.

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