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Custom Projects

Swager Communications, Inc. of Fremont, Indiana is best known for manufacturing and installing communications towers. However, over the years, Swager Communications, Inc. has worked with Marion-based GP Designs to produce Christmas decorations for carious municipal and corporate customers.

In 2011, Swager partnered with GP Designs to design and manufacture a new Christmas tree for the marquee at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The resulting tree is 65' tall. The framework was designed and manufactured at Swager's plant in Fremont, Indiana. GP Designs then took it into their facility and installed the greenery and lighting to make the tree. The first tree manufactured by the Swager-GP Designs team was used on the Radio City Marquee for 13 years. Swager also has teamed with GP Designs to make other Christmas decorations, including snowflakes for the side of Saks Fifth Avenue and the frames for lighted figures used for the movie premier "Babe, Pig in the City". 

Due to the economical and social shift towards clean, earth friendly energy, Swager is now supplying towers that are specifically designed for the 10Kv wind turbines. These Turbines are commonly used in residential and farming applications. Our wind turbine towers are marketed and purchased thru National Pole in Willis

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Radio City Tree 2011.jpg
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