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Swager Communications Specializes in Steel Tower Maintenance, Construction and Installation.

Swager is a leader in the design, construction and installation of steel communications towers, towers for government agencies and more.

Our Services

System Design

  • Steel antenna towers – guyed, self-supporting or monopole

  • Ground systems

  • Microwave paths

  • Buildings (prefabricated or site constructed)

  • Antenna and coaxial feedline


  • ​Towers

  • Buildings

  • Special Equipment


Technical Training

Tower Installation

  • Site clearing and preparation

  • Site construction

  • Concrete foundations

  • Towers and associated equipment

  • Localizer Platforms

  • Building/Equipment shelter

  • Electrical

  • Grounding

  • Fence and site security

System Maintenance

  • Inspection/System Inventory

  • Tower modification

  • Painting

  • Lighting system repair/replacement

  • Grounding/lighting protection system repair/upgrade

  • Antenna installation/removal/relocation (including path alignment

  • Site clearing/Maintenance

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